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On Point Management Ltd
160 City Road, Islington, London, London, England EC1V 2NP, United Kingdom

We always love to hear from our clients,

Sometimes a simple conversation with us can lead to the smallest of idea becoming the greatest project.

As a business consultant with pride ourselves on strategy solutions whether through cloud based technology and cloud services or on the ground with you and your staff advising training and leading the way for you.

The first step that is you making contact, let us listen to you hear your idea's your dreams your aspirations.

We will through careful business management help you to nurture these little seedling idea's in to the great end product of a beautifully blooming business strategies that can withstand the harsh business world, giving you new strategy solutions that will evolve as your business grows.

We however can not do this without you and you would be better placed to have On Point Management business consultant right by your side.

Contact us and see how we can improve your business today, and we are the strategy solution you need.

Head Office 

Kemp House

160 City Road



Phone: +44.07921555974

Please feel free to contact us if:-

  • Strategy consulting from a company who cares
  • You need help and advise with a project or have new idea's and don't know how to implement them.
  • Need help analysing your business and having the facts and figures as well as marketing startegy or want us to streamline processes to free up hr resources.
  • Hr resource management
  • Full sales projection and analytical breakdown
  • Your new and starting out and need help with a business plan
  • Training needed in first aid for your staff
  • Like one of our cloud based solutions and want to know to book a demo